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New Invoice & Notification System is pleased to announce the launch of a new invoice system, which informs our resellers in advance of each and every transaction. We issue an invoice for every transaction regardless of whether it is a new account purchase, a renewal of an existing account, separate domain registrations with the's web hosting control panel, any kind of service or account upgrades, etc. Besides, we issue invoices for all of the transactions that the resellers conduct through the Reseller Control Panel (RCP).

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New Merchant Account with Multi Currency Support

We are happy to announce the launch of its new payment system for credit card payments with multi currency support through World Pay. According to the individual needs of the client and the type of the card, which he/she uses, everyone has the ability to choose the currency with which he/she prefers to pay.

As of now, 5 currencies are supported:
USD (US Dollars)
EUR (Euros)
CAD (Canadian Dollars)
AUD (Australian Dollars)
GBP (Pound Sterling)
In each of these currencies customers can also pay through PayPal.

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New Thank You! Page

We'd like to notify our clients of the launch of a new Thank You! page, which completes the whole payment process. It is the last page, which confirms that the payment process (with Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or using your Wallet Balance from the Reseller Control Panel - RCP) has been completed successfully. In other words, after the purchase of the product/service, a Thank You! page emerges, which usually contains valuable information about the account or the number of the order, information about who has purchased or ordered a given product and other valuable info.

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