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The Hepsia Control Panel now available with VPS servers

The Hepsia Control Panel now available with VPS servers

When we started working on our new Hepsia Control Panel, we started from the ground up and built a whole new web hosting platform. And while this may not be visible to the regular user who sees only the end-product interface, it was very important to us, since it gave us a lot more options. For example, we can now integrate our Hepsia Control Panel with our VPS servers!

What does this mean for you, the reseller?

Now, you can advertise VPS servers together with a free control panel, which can run on 3 Operating Systems - CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu. Other control panel alternatives are usually bound to just one OS - for example, the cPanel and the DirectAdmin Control Panel tools run only on CentOS.

The Hepsia Control Panel can also work with unlimited domain names and the users can manage their domain names, their billing transactions and their websites from a single location. This is a very big advantage, considering the fact that with the cPanel and the WHM, you need a new cPanel account for each domain name that you will manage. And consider working with 20 domain names - this equals 20 different web hosting accounts! This advantage can be used as a strong selling point to attract potential VPS customers who want to have a more user-friendly server management platform.

Another great advantage is that you don't need additional billing accounts or another control panel - you manage everything just from one place.

And, not to brag, but we have managed to create a very quick control panel - in our tests, we've found that it runs 3 times faster than other control panel tools.

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