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ResellersPanel becomes an ICANN accredited domain registrar

ResellersPanel becomes an ICANN accredited domain registrar

We have been in the reseller web hosting business for many years now, and looking back from where we started, we have to admit that we have really gone a long way. And recently, we took another very big step - we successfully applied and were consecutively approved to become an ICANN accredited domain registrar!

ResellersPanel is now an ICANN accredited registrar

After a lot of paperwork being sent and documents being signed, ResellersPanel was finally approved by ICANN, the agency that is in charge of domain names related regulation procedures. To become an ICANN accredited registrar for a company means that this company can now register global Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

Learn more about what it means to be an ICANN accredited registrar.

Benefits for the resellers

Everything that we do here, at ResellersPanel, is aimed at helping our hosting resellers. Becoming an ICANN accredited registrar means that we will have direct control over all TLD management procedures - domains registrations will be quicker, all domain name related problems will be resolved much faster, domain name disputes won’t take too much time and some domain prices will become lower.

Learn more about the reseller benefits.

Hepsia Control Panel now available for VPS servers

Our fresh and new web hosting control panel, the Hepsia Control Panel, is now available for virtual private servers, compatible with each of the operating systems we offer - CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu. The control panel can work with unlimited domain names, does not require the need for a separate billing account and is offered for free with our Regular and Ultra VPS.

Learn more on the advantages of the Hepsia control panel.

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