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Semi-Dedicated Server Reseller

Video Duration 1:51 min

Right now you are just a few minutes away from having your own fully automated platform for selling semi-dedicated servers and other web hosting services under your own private brand or DBA name.

All you need to do is sign up for our free reseller hosting program, you select a design for your store, choose the server packages you want, and set their custom currency and pricing.

With ResellersPanel, you never buy any servers in advance or deal with semi-dedicated server configuration or maintenance.

We cover all the server setup and operational fees for you and handle the administration work, billing procedures and customer support on behalf of your company name. We also offer a fully managed support service.

When you make money, we make money, for each semi-dedicated server sold you will make a monthly net profit.

All the semi-dedicated servers from ResellersPanel will be equipped with our user-friendly multi-lingual Web Hosting Control Panel.

As a Free Reseller, you can combine the semi-dedicated servers with more than 50 top-level domain names and trusted SSL certificates, as well as with cloud web hosting plans, dedicated servers and virtual private servers.

You can also get for your own needs any of the semi-dedicated server hosting solutions that you offer, at a preferential wholesale price.

Sign up now and join our free Reseller Program, today, become a semi-dedicated reseller and take the first step to making your self some money from home.

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