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The Hepsia CP is available with Dedicated Servers

The Hepsia CP is available with Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server is an expensive web hosting solution, but, at the same time, it is the best hosting solution when you need to run a complex website. However, dedicated servers are also a pain to manage, given all the extra things you can do with them. This is why we are now offering the Hepsia Control Panel with our dedicated servers - the Budget, the Value and the Premier dedicated servers.

Hepsia Control Panel is free & available with each OS

The Hepsia Control Panel comes for free with each OS that we have - CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, which is a great money saver as compared to the expensive monthly fees one has to pay for the cPanel Control Panel.

Dedicated Servers with Hepsia

Hepsia Control Panel advantages & free bonuses

Also, the Hepsia CP brings one very important feature to dedicated server management - simplicity. Why bother with complex web server settings and server management tasks when you can focus on what is really important - building your website? For non-tech-savvy users, we have the 1-click hosting apps installer and the website installer tools - using them you can set your own site in mere minutes. For the tech-savvy customers, we have a PHP framework installer, which can help them build their website easier.

No need for additional control panels

Another great advantage of the Hepsia CP is that, unlike with cPanel, for example, you don't need an extra domain or billing management interface - you can manage your websites, billing operations and domain names all from one place. This is a great time saver, since you can do all the work from just one place.

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