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A New Australian Data Center

A New Australian Data Center

For years, we have been using the Peer1 Data Center in Fremont, California, as our main shared web hosting data center. Due to the growing needs of our customers, we’ve also started offering them the option to host their websites in data centers in the UK and in Sweden. And today, we're glad to announce that from now on, our customers will be able to choose to host their websites in a new data center, namely in Australia!

A New Australian DC

We spent some time researching for a data center in Australia that would suit our needs, and our final pick was: Global Switch. It's one of the biggest data centers in the whole Southern Hemisphere, located near the city of Sydney. It offers superb connectivity and has been chosen to house servers for the Australian Department of Defense.

This data center will be available to all shared web hosting customers.

Learn more about our new Australian data center.

The UK Data Center can now host VPS servers

We also have good news for all customers who want to get a VPS server - we now offer VPS hosting services in the United Kingdom. This way, all our European customers will be able to get a VPS in the UK and enjoy better connection speeds. VPS pricing will remain the same. Clients will be able to choose their preferred data center at signup.

Learn more about our VPS servers in the UK.

The Free Hepsia Control Panel is now available with all VPS servers

For every reseller, the ability to offer something extra for free with a VPS package is vital. This is why we’ve included our new Hepsia Control Panel for free with our Regular and Ultra VPS packages. This Control Panel allows the customers to manage both their domain names and web files from one and the same place, which is very handy.

Learn more about the availability of our Hepsia Control Panel with the VPS servers.

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