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The Free Hepsia Control Panel Available With VPS Servers

The Free Hepsia Control Panel Available With VPS Servers

Today, when a customer wants to buy a VPS, they are very often presented with a very limited choice of Control Panels, with the cPanel/WHM Control Panel being the most popular choice. However, this Control Panel is built on the basis of ideas from the 90s, and is only being upgraded, while the core ideas remain the same. This means that while it can still do the job, there already exists a tool that is much easier to work with.

Hepsia control panel with VPS servers

From now on, you - the hosting reseller, can offer the Hepsia Control Panel that we have integrated as a free CP choice with each VPS server. This way, the customer will be able to get a faster (3x times faster than the cPanel) and more user-friendly Control Panel, which also combines website management with billing and domain name management. This has proven to be a great advantage for both the reseller and the user, since:

  • the user never has to leave the Control Panel in order to get upgrades or additional services
  • the Control Panel is brandable - your chosen logo and company name will be visible at all times.

The Hepsia CP is available with each OS

Another huge advantage of our Control Panel is the fact that it's available with the Linux OSs we offer - Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. The other Control Panel tools are bound to just one OS - for example, cPanel and DirectAdmin are available with CentOS only.

The “Demo Login” feature

Very soon, we will also introduce the “Live Demo” Control Panel preview - this way, a customer will be presented with a fully-functional Control Panel bearing your logo, which they will be able to test before they decide whether to purchase the service. The order form will be integrated right within the Control Panel. We are hoping that this feature will further increase the customer conversion rate, meaning more profits for you, the reseller.

Hepsia Control Panel Demo
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