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Free WordPress cloud hosting account

Get a free WordPress cloud hosting account for your reseller hosting store with each DNS Cluster package. You can get unlimited disk space and traffic, 100 mailboxes and 5 MySQL databases. We will automatically install WordPress and will set up our ResellersPanel WordPress plugin for you. All you'll have to do is pick one of our WordPress hosting themes for your website.

When all is done, you will receive a fully functional, fully customizable, SEO-optimized web hosting store with completely unique content. With zero setup required from you.

Private DNS1
Private DNS1DNS Cluster
Private DNS2
Private DNS2DNS Cluster
Private DNS3
Private DNS3DNS Cluster
Unlimited Disk Space OK OK OK
Unlimited Monthly Traffic OK OK OK
1 Hosted Domain OK OK OK
5 Subdomains OK OK OK
1 MySQL v.5 Database OK OK OK
100 MB MySQL Database Storage OK OK OK
100 POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts OK OK OK
Daily Data Backups OK OK OK
DNS type NS or DNS NS or DNS NS or DNS
IP for DNS1 shared IP shared IP dedicated IP
IP for DNS2 shared IP dedicated IP dedicated IP
Custom A records OK OK OK
Custom MX records OK OK OK
Add Hostnames option OK OK OK
Edit WHOIS option OK OK OK
Registrar lock option OK OK OK
EPP transfer protection OK OK OK OK OK OK
$20.00/yr $40.00/yr $80.00/yr
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Our hosting plans include everything you need to get your personal or business website online and manage with ease. We offer a unique breed of cloud web hosting powered by our Hepsia automation platform.

Custom MX Records

Custom MX Records »

Our free reseller platform allows you to establish your own hosting company and sell packages to third parties under your own company name.

Add Hostnames

Add Hostnames »

ResellersPanel guarantees the provision of fast, dedicated support for you and your end clients (on behalf of your brand name) through various support channels.

Full Domain Controls

Full Domain Controls »

ResellersPanel guarantees a 99.9% network uptime for all the services and 99.9% server uptime for the cloud hosting accounts and the semi-dedicated servers.

Free Email Cluster

Free Email Cluster »

Using the Free Reseller Program you will be able to make money without the need to submit deposits or to pay any reseller charges.

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