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Free 1-click Web Application Installer

Video Duration 1:31 min

At ResellersPanel, we know that selling web hosting services means much more than offering server space and traffic to your customers.

You will find your potential customers want a lot more. With the free reseller hosting program by ResellersPanel you can offer a very simple to use software - the 1-click Free Scripts Installer.

This point-and-click tool allows anyone, with the most basic of computing skills, the ability to install and kickstart an application on their site or a whole new site, in an instant.

This means, your customers will be able to launch their new blog, forum, web gallery, CMS site, or even an e-commerce site, or a large online learning portal, on their own.

All they need to do is select the application they want, provide simple information like the name of their website, and click the install button.

ResellersPanel includes this amazing 1-click Free Application Installer for free as bonus with each cloud hosting and semi-dedicated package, and is easily integrated into the user-friendly Web Hosting Control Panel.

So, this amazing tool will save your customers time, effort and money. A single software installation may involve a lot of expense.

Sign up today with the Free Reseller Program from and offer your customers everything they need to get going online.

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