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Dedicated Hosting - More power, more freedom!

ResellersPanel is proud to announce the launch of both dedicated and semi-dedicated servers where clients demanding more system resources can host their websites.

Our semi-dedicated servers are for those of you who need more resources for the proper functioning of their websites. By moving your account to a semi-dedicated server you may benefit from the ability to host unlimited number of domains and subdomains, FTP accounts, email addresses, mailing lists and cron jobs. Our responsibility will be to manage the server configuration and stability. You will have SSH access on your end. Our technical support will be at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dedicated Servers

The official launch of the dedicated servers is planed for January 2006. An entirely dedicated server would give a client the possibility to host enterprise websites with unlimited number of domains, subdomains, email addresses, FTP accounts, cron jobs etc. We offer those servers with configured operating system and basic software such as Fedora, Sendmail, Apache, PERL, Procmail, POP3, MySQL, BASH, PHP and IMAP. There are also optional features and services that can be installed upon request. We will provide the client with a root access to the server and he/she will be able to manage it himself/herself. Therefore, additional web server management knowledge will be required from the client. As soon as we launch our dedicated hosting offer, we will let you know the details.

Dedicated Servers Plan
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