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Hepsia CP Improvements

Hepsia CP Improvements

Even though we have our Hepsia Control Panel ready, we are not stopping our work on it. We get lots of feedback each day and it's a great way to head directly from the end user if he finds our design useful, if has any problems working with our control panel, or if has any suggestions.

Custom logo & control panel background

For example, we have added an option for our hosting resellers to use their custom logo with the Hepsia Control Panel - it will be displayed in the upper right corner, if it fits regular logo dimensions.

However, if the logo is larger, it can be used as a background for the whole Control Panel. Resellers can even set the opacity, to make sure that the logo will be best seen.

Faster Hepsia Control Panel

Hepsia Demo Login

Another great improvement we’ve recently finished is the “Demo Login” feature. This allows anyone to log inside the Hepsia Control Panel and test all its features - the users will be able to use the full potential of the Control Panel, without the limitations of regular demo versions. This way, the customers can test drive the Control Panel before purchasing a web hosting account or a dedicated server. This will satisfy customers who are keen on inspecting every aspect before making a purchase.

And we have added 7 new scripts to our 1-click hosting app installer tool.

Future-planned improvements

Our future plans include:

  • introduction of AWStats for viewing traffic statistics;
  • a migration script, which will allow users of other Control Panel tools to easily move to the Hepsia Control Panel without having to manually move all their files;
  • new scripts, which will be added to our 1-click installer tool.
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