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Info Note type-c

Info Note type-c to Reseller - All Cases

This email is an Info Note showing the wholesale value of the services delivered by LiquidNet Ltd. to a customer of yours: John Doe, account 'jonnydoe' located at
We issued an invoice 1-10-1-123456-a dated January 02, 2008 from your business name 'OuterSpace' (reseller account: 'cashmaster') with


Date: January 02, 2008
ORDER ID: 123456
Billing Method: Credit/Debit Card
Transaction ID: 123ABC456DEF7890 (January 02, 2008; 08:03:22 GMT)

Order Details:
12 Month(s) @ 7.00 = 84.00 USD for plan renewal Corporate
12 Month(s) @ 0.00 = 0.00 USD for domain renewal

Total 84.00 USD

Reseller Details:
Marlene Design Workshop Ltd.
234 Rouge Blvd
Paris, NW1 9KL

Tel. +33 208 084 623

Contact Information:
If you have any queries about this order, please contact our sales team
via email at, quoting ORDER ID 123456.

LiquidNet Ltd.
28 Kersfield House, 11 Kersfield Road
Putney, London SW15 3HJ
United Kingdom

UK tel. +44-20-8789-5066
US tel. +1-510-870-0646
AU tel. +61-2-8003-5987

NOTE: Please note, YOU ('OuterSpace') are in association with LiquidNet Ltd. As a result the name of LiquidNet Ltd. will show up on your customers' credit card statement.

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